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Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns

“Dark Siege is a truly magnificent book. It easily brought the reader into a world where they witness a family struggling with demonic forces. Because the writing and the characters in this book were relatable in so many ways, the reader could easily find themselves attached to this family and rooting for their recovery. And that is where Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns comes in, placing the reader directly in the world of the character and this world is filled with havoc, panic, and possession. This book paints a real depiction of what individuals endurewhen they are faced with the most brutal force that man face can face: demonic possession. Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns is not for the faint of heart. It is a very open and honest presentation regarding Succubi attacks and the author clearly demonstrated that he understood the true nature of those attacks. The reader should be prepared to enter into a world where the characters' lives are turned upside down and where each one holds on to the possibility that help is just around the corner.”

Bishop James Long

The United States Old Catholic Church

“Jason McLeod guides us through the harrowing continuation of the events that terrorized a Connecticut family in his breakout, best seller Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare. This sequel is a terrifying journey – a real account of what can happen when innocent teenagers dabble in the obscure, unseen world of the negative occult. Unlike the first book which had a gradual build that led to an epic battle between the good and evil, this story hits you on the head with a two-by-four from the beginning and never lets up. One unique attribute of McLeod's Dark SiegeSeries are the final sections of the books which contain the chapter analysis where the author demonstrates that these things really do happen. I recommend the book wholeheartedly as it has a clear prose and narrative and is packed full of real-world experience from one of the most informed and talented paranormal investigators.”

Serafin Mendez, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication

Central Connecticut State University

“Cinematic story telling from start to finish. The descriptions in this book were outstanding. The prose dynamic. This book is a roller coaster ride through the dark chasms of hell as the poor McLaughlin family and their friends and pets endure real demoniacal retribution that would send any of the Stars in the scripted tabloid television shows like Ghost Adventures running for their lives. After first reading McLeod's astounding debut novel Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare, I wondered if his second book could compare. This book was far above and beyond my expectations.”

William DeHaviland, Ph.D. in parapsychology

“This book was a mind-bender. The savage, brutal, physical and sexual assaults brought me to my knees with rosary in hand. If you want to understand what really goes on in terrible cases like this one, read Jason McLeod's books.”

Christina Morrison – Ordained Minister

“Hands down – this is the best paranormal book on the market. I fought goosebumps from cover to cover. McLeod's ability to paint a picture with his words is unique and inspiring.”

Kenneth A. Doyle – Paranormal Researcher

“Once again Jason has written a riveting novel. This one is is even better than the first. I was spellbound by this page turner. McLeod's attention to detail has you crawling and feeling what's going on with his characters through this terrifying account of demonic hell. This book is destined to become a classic in the paranormal genre. If you ever wondered if evil lurks on the planet, read this book and start your gratitude prayers immediately. It's a brilliant account of an unfortunate situation. I only put it down when it got dark outside and couldn't wait until the dawn to pick it up again.”

Shoshana Avree – Shamanic Healer

“Jason McLeod is a truly gifted writer. In his new book,Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns, he deftly guides the reader through a sequel storyline that is educational, terrifying and realistic. As a mouth watering dessert compliments an exquisite and satisfying meal, this continuation of a Connecticut family's horrifying ordeal is a first class, must read for any paranormal enthusiast. I could not put this book down.”

Andrew Thompson – Paranormal Expert /

Clairvoyant / Former Researcher for Ed and

Lorraine Warren

“Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns is a spell-binding sequel to an outstanding debut release by paranormal expert Jason McLeod who is, in my opinion, one of the most learned, talented men in the field. Brilliant story telling, vivid imagery, breathtaking descriptions of the exterior world and the interior locations. As in the first book, this books Chapter Analysis Section, reveals the fascinating life history of a remarkable man and his journey down a dark and dangerous road where others fear to tred.”

Mitchell Moore – Creative Writing Teacher

“Jason McLeod has established himself yet again as

the dominating force in the paranormal horror genre.”

Renee Cousteau

“This book should serve as a dire warning to those who identify themselves as paranormal investigators, because I would wager that 99% of those people would soil themselves if they encountered what McLeod and the McLaughlin family endured as revealed in this book and in the preceding volume. The Dark Siege Series is not for the faint of heart. McLeod unlocks the door to the dark secrets of this world and swings it wide open.”

Chris Applegate

“AGAIN, McLeod does not fail to deliver the perfect, bone-chilling terror. His first book scared me to death and I could barely gather the courage to pick it back up and finish it. This book is even more frightening than the first. It's the scariest book I have ever read – because it's true. McLeod's writing makes you feel as if you are present with the people involved and dealing with the horrors as if you're shivering right along side them. Definitely a must-own, must-read, must pass-along book.”

Cat Young – Radio Host for Live Paranormal

“Like a bat out of nowhere sweeps in Jason McLeod with a sequel that is even better and bolder than his original. McLeod is rapidly setting the new standard in supernatural horror novels and is making waves throughout the entire paranormal community. First of course through his dynamic writing, but also with the fascinating information he conveys to audiences at Paranormal Conventions around the world. In case they can't catch him in person, much of that information is contained within the Analysis Section of each of his books allowing us a glimpse into his astounding life experiences and setting himself apart from any other writer in the genre.”

Chase Snedecker, Ph.D.

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