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Shortly after arriving in Washington State to finish his college education, paranormal researcher Jason McLeod receives an urgent phone call concerning a disturbing series of events unfolding in the sleepy town of Rathdrum, Idaho.

Eager to get involved, McLeod encounters a family desperate for help and also carefully guarding a series of sinister secrets - secrets they would rather remain undiscovered.

What will McLeod and his fellow classmate assisting him on the case uncover there? Will the training and experience passed down to him from his friends and mentors Ed and Lorraine Warren be enough to rid the family of the many sources of their troubles, or will the physical and spiritual threats unleashed upon the family require him to seek assistance elsewhere and from the most unlikely of sources?

Rage in Rathdrum is McLeod's third book detailing his personal paranormal investigations. This case is the catalyst which inspired the formation of McLeod's Northwest Society for Paranormal Research. It also led him to a series deeply profound spiritual revelations through the careful guidance of a new group of enlightened friends and allies - two psychics and a scientist - each with a pivotal role to play in solving the case.

Rage In Rathdrum takes place two years before the case which was revealed in McLeod's bestselling Dark Siege Series - Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare and Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns.

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