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Jason McLeod was born and raised in Connecticut. He attended Sacred Heart University, Eastern Washington University and Fairfield University. While attending SHU, he wrote the newspaper column 'Hauntings' for the Sacred Heart University Spectrum.  

After transferring to Eastern Washington University, McLeod became a founding father and the first official Chapter President of the Washington Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. 

While attending EWU he continued his column 'Hauntings' for The Eastern Washington University Easterner Newspaper. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Letters and Social Sciences English-Creative Writing.

Because he was geographically closer, and since he was already a seasoned investigator for and close personal friend of world-famous ghost hunters the late Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine, they requested him to investigate a very serious case in Rathdrum, Idaho on their behalf. While involved in the case, McLeod met two very in-tune and powerful psychics who not only participated and helped solve the case.

The Rathdrum, Idaho Case turned out to be one of the most bizarre cases McLeod had ever investigated and it is the subject of one of his upcoming release, Dark Siege: Rage in Rathdrum.

There was such great interest on campus during and immediately following the investigation that McLeod formed and directed The Northwest Society for Paranormal Research where he taught weekly classes on campus to several dozen intrigued students who learned how to properly and safely investigate real haunted houses and how to identify paranormal activity for themselves.  

Due to the great interest in Ed and Lorraine Warren and their incredible career, McLeod and EWU arranged to have them flown out to conduct an investigation of several haunted hot spots on campus and to dazzle a packed auditorium with a spine-tingling 3-hour audio/visual seminar that they routinely performed on college campuses throughout the country.

McLeod was suddenly inundated with cases of haunting phenomena throughout the entire State of Washington. He investigated and solved many bizarre cases with the assistance of Barbara Doede and Valerie Crisp.

 He currently resides in Southbury, Connecticut.

If you are experiencing haunting phenomena in your home now, please feel free to contact Jason McLeod at He will endeavor to contact you as quickly as possible.


JASON MCLEOD is a paranormal investigator, spiritualist, and empath. He has spent the last 33 years helping individual families deal with both the human spirits who linger in their lives, and the inhuman spirits who seek to ruin them. His training and experience began by following in the footsteps of his close personal friends and mentors – the late Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine, bestselling authors, and movie consultants -- who started the modern ghost hunting craze that thrives today. He conducts engaging presentations on the subjects of spirituality, consciousness, quantum physics, meditation, metaphysics, paranormal investigation, and demonology on radio blog broadcasts, and at paranormal conventions, spirituality expositions, in churches and at New Age events throughout the world.

Jason McLeod visiting with his friend and mentor the legendary Lorraine Warren in her kitchen discussing collaboration on upcoming books Spring 2016.

Jason McLeod signing a copy of Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare where it all began in Easton, Connecticut's Union Cemetery.

One of Jason McLeod's first cases working for and with the legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren - taken by Andrew Thompson - Psychic Investigator in 1988. (Note the old fashioned tape recorder on the table and the camera in Jason's hand).

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