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Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare Autographed Paperback 467-pages

DarkSiege RedEyes.jpg

The Terrifying True Tale of Demonic Infestation, Oppression, Possession and Exorcism written in a Cinematic Horror Format readers find impossible to put down and difficult to read at night without all of the lights on.

You never really know what can be lurking in the cemeteries you casually pass by. Kelly McLaughlin, an innocent six-year-old daughter girl, didn’t even know spirits existed when an apparition suddenly materialized, instantly tapped into her consciousness, and followed her home. It quickly targeted her sixteen-year-old brother, Tyler. When he and his friends attempted contact with a Ouija board, they inadvertently invited a group of inhuman, diabolical spirits into their lives. These spirits isolated and terrorized the family and their friends until they finally sought out the alpha, the wealthy, real estate broker father, who was a natural skeptic and the last one to believe in ghosts. Will the McLaughlin's ever get their lives back? Or will these evil spirits continue to haunt them? 


In this tale of real haunting phenomena, a Connecticut family's home is infested, and the family is oppressed by spirits from beyond the grave.


This book is a paranormal powerhouse, but what makes it truly unique is the chapter-by-chapter analysis at the end of the book where McLeod explains spirit activity through Quantum Physics, The Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration, Intention and Conscious Manifestation as well as his own profound understanding of the science and spirituality behind the paranormal.


Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare is the most terrifying case of McLeod's career which began working for and with the late, legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1990 while he was a student at Sacred Heart University where McLeod wrote a column called 'Hauntings' for the SHU Spectrum Newspaper. This column chronicled the cases he was sent on by the Warrens and the serious cases working alongside them.


Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare is a must read for any paranormal enthusiast, investigator, or researcher - and most of all, for anyone who has endured or is currently experiencing paranormal activity for themselves. 

Both books in the Dark Siege Series are required reading for Bishop James Long's Online Demonology Class.

The Nightmare Was Far From Over

Dark Siege 2: The Nightmare Returns
Autographed Paperback 385-pages

The Devastating Case of Demonic Retribution

In this true tale of demoniacal retribution, a Connecticut Family, their friends, and their pets face the most vicious and wicked repercussions imaginable for standing up to the demonic spirits who had invaded their world.

In the late evening hours, after a demonic spirit invades her home and penetrates her mind, psychic medium Yvonne Saxon receives a series of horrific visions. These visions reveal the demonic spirits' plans to exact their revenge on everyone who was in any way involved in the McLaughlin case just two months earlier. After several unsuccessful attempts to get through to and warn the family and her colleagues, Yvonne makes a last-ditch, desperate call to the Archdiocese in Boston - specifically to Bishop Marcus Phelan, who had previously been so instrumental in resolving that case. Bishop Phelan realizes the grave danger they face when he meets misfortune while setting out on the long drive to Connecticut. Will he reach the beleaguered family in time? Can he save his friends from the vicious demonic retribution Yvonne foresaw in her terrifying visions?

Dark Siege 2: The Nightmare Returns is the continuation of McLeod's most terrifying case of diabolical Infestation, Oppression, Possession and Exorcism he had ever investigated. This portion of the case however, involved the most devastating campaign of Demonic Retribution he had ever experienced firsthand, including severe cases of Incubus and Succubus attacks of an extreme sexual nature. This phenomenon is so disturbing, it would have never gone to print if it were not for the encouragement of Bishop James Long who said people undergoing attacks of that nature need to seek help from clergy - immediately.


McLeod's work was first published in his best-selling debut novel, Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare. It is a must read for any paranormal enthusiast, investigator, or researcher - and most of all for anyone who had endured or who is currently experiencing paranormal activity for themselves. This book, like its predecessor, is a paranormal powerhouse. What makes the Dark Siege Series completely unique are the chapter-by-chapter analysis sections where McLeod explains spirit activity through his understanding of Quantum Physics, The Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration, Intention and Conscious Manifestation.

Our Journey Home: The Handbook for the Transition
Large-Print Color Illustrated Paperback

This book will help you lose your fear of 
Death and Dying. For those left to grieve and process what has happened, it will bring you great comfort. Our Journey Home  will help you understand the process of leaving the physical body behind and what awaits all of us as we transition out of our physical body and acclimate to our Spirit body. No one really dies. We simply change form.



Imagine how much more fulfilling it would be, if you could experience an entire lifetime free from even the slightest fear associated with your eventual death. What if you could finally know that though the physical body will surely fail, nothing can affect the eternal, immortal, ever-lasting being that you are in your purest form? Suppose that reading one book could answer the most mysterious questions about what happens when you are dying and what happens to your consciousness once that takes place. You are about to read that book.


In reality, there is no death at all. It is an end to your most recent journey — an exploration into temporary physicality, but it is not the only journey you will take — and will certainly not be the last. Death of the physical body is certain. It is time that you know what awaits you when that happens. No one in the history of the earth has ever 'died.' They have simply changed form.

Renegade of Light
Autographed Paperback

The fate of the world rests in the hands of a dirty cop. Danny Phelps is counting the five grand he just bullied off some low-level drug slingers when an enigmatic beggar appears out of nowhere and asks for a handout. After telling the bum to buzz off, Phelps is shaken to his core by visions of a mysterious underground base where eight-foot-tall reptilians are torturing and murdering a young woman and terrorizing caged kids. When Phelps flashes back to his young brother's dead eyes, it tears his guts up all over again. While working on a missing child case, the enigmatic man keeps appearing, each time in different guises. Phelps is unaware that the man's sudden appearances coincide with a massive explosion of divine light originating from the core of the galaxy, light which is now mutating Phelps' DNA so that he can evolve into the next generation human with enhanced strength, speed, senses, intellect and the uncanny ability to travel between dimensions. As Phelps is progressively evolving, he learns that he has been chosen to be mankind's leader against the child-sacrificing Reptilians and their human minions who have collectively infiltrated the highest echelons of power all across the globe. Danny Phelps sees he has a chance for redemption. First, he has to uncover the horrifying truths about human history and the nature of evil. Then confront the mind-bending secret of the enigmatic man's identity. And finally, he has to become the Renegade of Light, enter the fourth-dimension and take the fight to the Draco Empire enslaving mankind. Or die trying. Renegade of Light is a reality-based work of science fiction that takes the reader on a consciousness-expanding metaphysical journey, where mankind's fate rests on one man's redemption. If the Twilight Zone and Star Trek had drunken sex, this would be their love-child.

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare
Autographed Graphic Novel Hardcover Pre-Order

Part 1 - Cover.jpg

Dark Siege: Rage In Rathdrum
Autographed Paperback Pre-Order

Shortly after arriving in Washington State to continue his college education, paranormal researcher Jason McLeod receives an urgent phone call from his friend and mentor, Lorraine Warren concerning a disturbing series of events unfolding in case nestled within the infamous town of Rathdrum, Idaho.


Eager to get involved, McLeod comes to the aid of a family desperate for help who also happens to be guarding a series of secrets - secrets that they would rather remain undiscovered.


What will McLeod and his fellow classmate assisting him on the case uncover there? Will the training and experience passed down to him from his friends and mentors Ed and Lorraine Warren be enough to rid the family of the many sources of their troubles, or will the physical and spiritual threats unleashed upon the family require him to seek assistance elsewhere and from the most unlikely of sources?


Rage in Rathdrum is yet another book in the Dark Siege Series - detailing his personal paranormal investigations. This case was the catalyst which inspired McLeod to formation The Northwest Society for Paranormal Research. It also led him to a series deeply profound spiritual revelations through the careful guidance of a new group of enlightened friends and allies - two psychics and a scientist - each playing a pivotal role in solving the case.


Rage In Rathdrum takes place two years before the case which was revealed in McLeod's bestselling Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare and Dark Siege 2: The Nightmare Returns.

Purchase Options:

DarkSiege RedEyes.jpg

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare
Autographed Paperback (467-pages)

Dark Siege 2: The Nightmare Returns
Autographed Paperback (385-pages)

OJH Cover.jpg

Our Journey Home: The Handbook for the Transition - Large Print - Color Illustrations
Autographed Paperback (385-pages)

ROL Ebook Cover.jpg

Renegade of Light
Autographed Paperback

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare
Graphic Novel
Part 1 - Infestation
Autographed 8.5" x 11" Hardcover

Rage in Rathdrum Cover FINAL.jpg

Dark Siege: Rage In Rathdrum
Autographed Paperback Pre-Order

Please enjoy the Entire First Chapter of Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare

and the Chapter 1 Analysis that follows for FREE. 

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare Chapter 1 – Materializing in the Mist

THE CRISP OCTOBER WIND howled steadily against a grove of aged maple trees on the western edge of Easton, Connecticut's Union Cemetery. Thick black clouds began to creep across the sky as dozens of red, yellow, and orange leaves snapped free of their branches and rode the winds in torrential curving arcs toward and throughout the cemetery. The leaves whisked toward the roof of the Easton Baptist Church and violently skimmed the old, crooked weathervane on the steeple. They swooped down suddenly toward the frostbitten earth and the black Mercedes station wagon that was traveling southbound on Stepney Road, along the rusted wrought iron fence lining the perimeter of the cemetery.

     Linda McLaughlin, a professional artist, wife of a real estate broker and mother of three, admired the beautiful leaves as they banked along the tall, statuesque memorials, blew over and through the fence, and landed suddenly onto the windows of the car. Linda smiled, glancing into the rear-view mirror at her blond-haired six-year-old daughter in the back seat. “Oh, do you see how colorful the leaves are, Kelly?”

      Kelly sat on the right side of the car. She held a one-eared stuffed bunny against her loose-fitting white sweater. She smiled and pressed her palm on the window and against the slick red leaf stuck there. “Yeah,” she giggled. “They’re pretty.”

     Suddenly, a loud thunderclap came out of nowhere and rattled the windows in the car. “Whoa,” Kelly whimpered. She slid down in her seat and cringed.

     Linda scanned the sky and said, “It looks like we have some pretty awful weather coming.”

     “Yeah,” Kelly sighed, looking out the window, “...pretty awful.”

     “Maybe we should get the pumpkins another day,” Linda offered.

     “Okay,” Kelly replied. She pouted a bit, because she wanted to carve the pumpkins with her big brother, Tyler, but she knew that she’d get completely soaked if they tried to sort through all of them outside at Silverman’s Farm Stand.

     As they continued down the road, Linda thought about scarecrows, witches, candy corn, apple cider, and of course, the one thing on the minds of everyone, what with only a less than a week left until Halloween. “Be very watchful, Kelly. Maybe you’ll see a ghost. We wouldn’t want one to follow us home, would we?”

     Kelly winced and yanked her hand away from the window. She squeezed her bunny tightly, touched its pink nose, pouted some more, and said, “Stop it, Mommy. That’s scary.”

     Linda chuckled as they drove alongside the cemetery. “Oh, sweetheart, there are no such things as ghosts.”

     As they drove along, Kelly turned to look out of the right side windows and glared at the many tombstones in the distance that were casting long gray shadows on the ground, and stretching away as far as she could see. She studied the multitude of shapes, from small black grass-covered markers to larger graying stones with obscured, mossy faces. Kelly frowned. All of these things were a mystery to her. She had never known death. She was too young to know how to name what she saw.

     Moments later, as the car passed under an overhanging tree, a sudden wall of water rained down and completely covered the windshield. Kelly gasped and closed her eyes. She thought about being at home and curling up in her warm, soft pink comforter. She felt the car slow down and heard the windshield wipers come on at full speed. When the car lurched forward slowly, Kelly opened her eyes. She studied the gravestones and spotted something out of the right side of the windshield, ahead in the distance. She leaned forward, squinted, and strained to make out a faint cloudy shape among the memorials inside the cemetery, but it was too far away for her to see it clearly. Intrigued, Kelly reached to the side window and rubbed the condensation off the glass with her palm, trying hard to see what was there. 'What was standing inside the cemetery in this terrible storm? Had her mother not seen it?' she wondered.

     As the car continued, and the shape became closer, she saw that it looked to be a gray smoky mass collapsing in on itself into the shape of a man. Moments later it appeared to solidify completely. It stepped out of a thin, stagnant wall of mist. Kelly’s mouth fell open in awe as it walked toward them, walked through a gravestone, and continued straight through the iron fence. It stopped suddenly on the curb at the edge of the cemetery just as they were about to drive right by him. Kelly inhaled deeply and slid down in her seat, trying to make sense out of what she had just seen, and trying to avoid being seen by the scary man. She closed her eyes tightly and squeezed her stuffed friend with all of her might.

     A quick flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed instantly by a loud, reverberating thunderclap. Kelly opened her eyes again and inched up in her seat so that she could peek over the edge of the door and see out of her window. As she did so, the man slowly turned his head in their direction, as if he could see exactly what Kelly was doing. When they passed right beside him, his eyes, two dark holes as black as night, pulsed twice. Kelly gasped and forced her eyes shut again. When she opened them a few seconds later, he had completely vanished. Kelly clutched the armrest and turned toward the back corner of the window. He reappeared suddenly and turned his head slowly toward her as he stepped off the curb and moved into the road. Kelly’s breathing became short and labored. The man turned to face the car. Her heart beat faster, as if it would break through her chest. Then, in the dimly-lit road behind her, Kelly watched completely spellbound as the monster, for it certainly had to be a monster, faded away right before her eyes as if he were never even there at all.

     Thunder boomed overhead and forked lightning flashed throughout the sky. Kelly unbuckled her seat belt and spun around onto the edge of the seat. She held her stuffed bunny as tightly as ever, as if she would never let it fall. She peered over the top edge of the seat in wonder. Another bright flash of lightning lit the sky in an eerie, jagged bolt. The wind howled and forced the rain against the car in sheets. Suddenly, as if he were immune to the forces of nature itself, the man reappeared again. But this time, he was staring longingly at her. Kelly moaned as he vanished and reappeared again, more quickly this time, and closer still. She thought to herself, ‘How could he be closer when they were going so fast?’ Loud, violent thunder shook her soul. She trembled with fear. “Mom,” she said, faintly. She mouthed the word the second time, too frightened and intrigued to notice that she hadn’t made even the slightest audible outcry.

    The car slowed and came to a sudden halt. Kelly panicked. She saw that they were at a stop sign. She wanted her mother to keep moving, so she rocked her entire body as if she could nudge the car back into motion with her movements. She couldn’t remember when she’d ever been as relieved as she was when the car turned and started moving forward again. The car slowly accelerated and continued along the western edge of the cemetery. Kelly turned around, squinted, and saw the empty road fade away into the rain and mist behind them. ‘Maybe we’ve lost him,’ she thought. ‘Maybe he's finally gone away.’ Her hopes were quickly shattered when she saw that the man was taking a shortcut through the trees, back along the southern tip of the cemetery, at an angle, as if he were intending to close the distance between himself and the car. Kelly lifted her bunny before her face. Mere moments later, she lowered it enough to allow her to see over its missing ear. He appeared and disappeared again as he approached the western edge of the cemetery. Kelly turned sideways, and counted to three, when out of the corner of her eye, the monstrous man appeared again in the center of the road behind them. He reached forward, pointed at her, and dissolved in an instant. Then, seconds later, he appeared right up against the rear window. He thrust his hands forward, pressed them against the glass, looked into her panic-stricken eyes, and snarled at her. Kelly threw her arms up in the air, recoiled, and wailed in terror as her mother jerked the steering wheel, and the man’s gray, shadowy hands made that awful screeching sound as they slid down the slick rear window. The car spun out on the soaked leaves and wet pavement.

     Once the front tires had struck the curb, it finally shuddered to a halt. Kelly’s bunny flew into the front, bounced on the passenger seat, and fell onto the floor. Linda reached back and rubbed her strained aching neck. She groaned and looked into the rear-view mirror.

  “Kelly, are you alright?”  There was no response.


“Kelly!” Linda whipped her head around and peered into the empty back seat.


“Kelly?” She panicked.


Kelly was gone.


The Unexpected Treasure of the Dark Siege Series is the Chapter Analysis Section where McLeod explains the Science and Spirituality behind the Paranormal, and how and why the activity in each Chapter took place. This armchair discussion explains the process of investigating a haunted house and what can be done about it. Most importantly, especially after reading the terrifying ordeal the family went through, the Chapter Analysis Section empowers you and teaches you how to make your home off-limits and how to protect yourself should these things happen to you.

The Entire Chapter 1 - Chapter Analysis is provided below for FREE.

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare - Chapter 1 – Analysis

Late October is a magical time of year, especially in New England, when the leaves turn into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s the picture-perfect time of Halloween, spirits, witches, and warlocks. Everyone is in tune, because every place they go, they see the decorated store windows, the scarecrows, the pumpkins, the plastic skeletons, the witches, and of course, the monsters. And here, we have this child traveling with her mother along the edge of one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country on a dark, stormy afternoon.

     What most adults don’t realize or remember from their own early childhood is that children are often very sensitive, meaning they can see and hear what most adults cannot. Sadly, they lose that sensitivity as they grow older, because they are told that what they are able to see is only fantasy, or child’s play. They are told that it is time to ‘grow up,’ and so in what is sometimes called ‘pulling down the veil,’ the subconscious mind closes off those special innate abilities which connect them to a vastly greater range of frequencies and vibrations that exist all around us. Whether or not we have full waking conscious access to them, these vibrations, dimensions, and densities are very real and they interpenetrate us and connect us all to each other, to the rest of the universe, and ultimately, to all of creation.

     Sensitive children view their psychic abilities as if they are completely normal, because, of course, they are. Children who use their psychic awareness have a very special, close, and lasting bond with animals, especially their feline, equine, and canine companions. Some lucky children are raised by parents who nurture their beautiful abilities and encourage their growth, expansion, and development. Other children simply refuse to shut them off or find it impossible to shut them off, and those people are called ‘mediums’ or ‘clairvoyants’. Everyone has the potential to be a medium or clairvoyant. Everyone is psychic. Some are beginners, intermediates, and others masters, just as is the case with any other ability or skill that we use. It all depends on how much time and energy we spend on developing them. Unfortunately, rather than honor our psychic abilities, we are taught to shun them, or to shut them off, because they are not considered normal.

     Artists of all kinds use their natural sensitivity to find inspiration and most don’t even know that they are doing it. It is this sensitivity that allows them to connect a series of vast dimensions just outside of the range of frequencies that our limited five senses can properly decode. Some people spend their entire lives accessing these frequencies; others only dabble in them; and sadly, for the majority of the population, most never even try to utilize them at all, nor do they even believe that they exist.

     A major storm was coming, and it was getting dark. Linda and Kelly were marveling about the beautiful fall leaves coming down. The atmosphere was being filled with electricity due to the developing thunderstorm. This natural energy is often used by discarnate human spirits to manifest into the physical likeness that most often resembled their own body during their most recent lifetime or incarnation. They do this to become visible to the human that they wish to appear to.

    How is this accomplished? It's simple. An unlimited field of electromagnetic energy exists all around us. It is everywhere. Every living thing is surrounded by its own electromagnetic field. Spirits find it very easy to take and use this energy from the plant life, the trees, and the atmosphere. A lot of electromagnetism was in the air due to the approaching electrical storm. So, things were just perfect for a manifestation.

    How does someone passing by a graveyard attract spirits when others do not? It happens through the Universal Law of Attraction. Spirits can be attracted to someone for many reasons, including natural human charisma, their personality, the sound of their voice, their mood, their energy level, or the size, shape and color of their energy field or aura. The spirits that are lurking inside old cemeteries are not usually the spirits that once inhabited and animated the bodies that are buried there, though sometimes, on rare occasions that is indeed the case. Most human spirits cross over correctly and have no need for their physical bodies when they are done with their life here on earth. Many other human spirits however remain earthbound, but they usually are more attached to their former surroundings than the physical remains of their bodies.

     Most spirits lurking inside old graveyards are not human spirits at all, but are those other spirits that were summoned there by thrill-seeking kids who used occult paraphernalia like Ouija boards or who had conducted séances there through the years, because it is a very spooky, morbid place. Unfortunately, there are other negative people who are very serious about summoning inhuman diabolical spirits into the world on purpose through witchcraft, black magic, sorcery, or necromancy.

     These are the spirits that are usually attracted to or interested in living people with the intention of doing them harm, and they are just waiting for the opportunity for a sensitive person like Kelly to pass by, so that they can invade her world. It just so happens that the first spirit that Kelly encountered was actually the discarnate spirit of a human being – albeit a very negative human being, who was quite unhappy about an unfulfilled life, and also enraged about the death of his physical body.

     What happens when someone leaves their physical body at death? When I was in my freshman year of college, I learned more about what happens to the human spirit when I read a book, called Life After Life, by Dr. Raymond Moody, which, synchronistically, was required reading for my English class. In his book, Dr. Moody detailed the cases of many people who were clinically dead who came back to life to discuss their experiences in the realms beyond.

     One of the most interesting accounts of a near death experience (NDE) was the story of a young man who got caught underneath a powerful waterfall current while white-water rafting. When he finally succumbed to the death of his physical body, he felt no pain or suffering of any kind. Instead, he felt his arms and legs contract until he was a ball of energy. He willed himself to rise out of the water. Everything around him was crystal clear. He could see, or he was completely aware of, everything all around him. His hearing was also crystal clear, even though he had damaged one of his ears in a firecracker explosion when he was younger. Naturally, because his body was pinned beneath the water, and because he left it behind, he no longer had any physical eyes or ears, or physical body of any kind, or a brain for that matter, yet he maintained full conscious awareness. Life After Life is full of beautiful stories like that. I encourage anyone interested in what happens when we leave our bodies during a near death experience (NDE) or when the body actually dies to read it.

     Then I was led to the book, Life Between Life, which detailed the fascinating accounts of people who were hypnotized and brought back into the time just before birth, just after death, or to the time between incarnations or between lifetimes.

     One instance was a woman who was hovering over her mother’s pregnant body as her mother was pumping water out of a well. During hypnosis, she said that she had not yet entered her mother’s body, because it wasn’t time to be born. The general theme here was that the infinite, immortal soul enters the body mere minutes before, during, or after birth. It is an excellent way to understand just what happens when the soul leaves the body.

     No one really ever dies. The earthly, physical, three-dimensional body is simply the vehicle we use to interact with the third dimension. When we are done using it and when we are ready to move on to other adventures, lessons, or experiences for our soul’s evolution, we simply leave the body behind. If the body takes a fall, or grows old, malfunctions, becomes ill, or if it is damaged beyond repair, we simply discard it.

     Our soul is never harmed in any way, shape, or form, because it is eternal. It has no form. Nor does it have a gender. We experience many lifetimes in both sexes. We also have both masculine and feminine energy. Some people have more of one than the other. Other people are balanced equally. That is why we have such remarkable diversity among the population. When we leave our physical bodies, we retain all of our experiences and memories. Many people die a peaceful death and are glad to be free of their aging or failing bodies. Many people who are killed suddenly in a car accident, or in a tragic way, or in battle often find it very traumatic or shocking, depending on their state of mind when they had experienced the sudden death of the body.

     One such example details the account of an adult woman and her elderly mother traveling in the car on their way home during a snow storm. The elderly woman was at peace, admiring the beautiful landscape. She had not a care in the world. The daughter was anxious to get home to her children, and she was frightened about the driving conditions. Sadly, moments later, their lives were cut short instantly in a car accident.

     Because the elderly woman was at peace when they crashed, she had completed her death transition naturally and correctly by entering into the tunnel of light that comes for us all. Because her last thoughts before she died were focused on being home with her children, the woman who was driving ignored the tunnel of light and went immediately to her home and to her children. Over the course of a few months, the family would smell her perfume, feel or sense her watching them, and even find that blankets were moved over the sleeping children to keep them warm at night, and in the morning, they would discover that someone had made the beds. When paranormal researchers investigated, it was determined that the spirit of the woman was indeed in the house, watching over and taking care of her children. Eventually, she was assisted into coping with her situation and to cross over correctly, thus completing her death passage properly.

     One of the most comforting lessons learned in Life After Life was the fact, based on over one hundred cases of past life regression, that no one ever leaves behind their lifetime, or body, or family unless they choose to do so. When they come to understand that the afterlife will always be there for them and that it is a place of beauty and peace beyond their wildest dreams, and when they choose to go back and complete their original lessons in the life they were just experiencing, they find themselves immediately back inside their bodies.

     How does this happen? It happens because outside of the third dimension there is no time. The human soul can go back and avoid a tragic death scenario, in which case onlookers couldn’t believe that they had survived, or couldn’t fathom how lucky they were to have narrowly escaped certain death, or how they made such a remarkable recovery through an illness or life threatening situation that should have, according to medical professionals – killed them. In reality, they did die, but because they chose to come back to learn what they initially came here to learn, or accomplish what they had originally planned to accomplish in the lifetime that they had planned, they came back in a spectacular display of luck, somehow just making it out of an event that could have, should have, and would have ended their life.

     You see, when the soul is finished with its current incarnation, it has no qualms about leaving behind friends, or family, or the mind’s unfinished business. We think that the mind has control of us on the highest levels, but its needs, wants, and desires come secondary to the needs of the soul, which is the true essence and totality of who we are. We are not the brain, or the mind, nor are we the body, nor are we the story of our current lives. We are fields of infinite consciousness awareness experiencing our current lives, in our current situations, with our current families and our many friends and life partners, to learn and evolve.

     Souls coming in and souls going out are always interacting with their families and loved ones. Spirits are around us all the time, sometimes throughout our entire lives. They come and go, just as friends come and go. Often times, people sense departed loved ones in their presence and smell their perfume or scents that were associated with their body. Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sometimes we hear them whispering, or think that we catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of our eyes, or pick up or sense their wisdom or counsel when we are perplexed and especially when we are thinking about them. It’s nothing unnatural. We are all connected – always.

     Sometimes even our pets remain earthbound once their bodies die. I had a beautiful, pure white Persian cat named Frost who died in my home in Austin, Texas. Guests in my home who had never seen my cat previously, and who never knew that I ever had one, asked me if I had a white cat, because they saw him here and there out of the corners of their eyes. The consciousness that was Frost remained in the place where he felt at home during his past incarnation. Because we had a close, lasting, special, loving bond, he was still with me, even though my conscious mind could not detect him.

     All living beings with intelligence survive the death of the physical body. It’s just the natural way of things. All that they are doing is shifting from the third dimension into the next, which is just outside of the narrow range of frequencies visible to our physical eyes. Frost was and is very much alive in his spirit. I talk to him all the time as if he is still around me, because he is. I don’t hear him talking back to me, but I do often feel and sense his presence.

     Spirits find it easy to reflect their image onto glass or onto any shiny surface – much like The Ghosts of Flight 401, one of the most well-documented and credible cases of ghost phenomena ever recorded. In this case, in late 1972, Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades, killing the pilot, Bob Loft, and the flight engineer, Don Repo, along with close to one hundred passengers – a horrible tragedy to be sure.

     What makes this case so interesting, however, is that the ghosts of the pilot and the flight engineer were seen on over twenty different occasions on multiple Tri-Star jetliners – especially on those airplanes where salvaged parts from Flight 401 were installed. In one case, on Tri-Star jetliner number 318, a flight attendant saw the clear likeness of the face of Don Repo in the shiny surface in and on an oven in the galley of the airplane during flight. Alarmed, and intrigued, she called out to her colleagues. One of them, who had known Don Repo personally, immediately identified his image. The ghost even talked to the crew and forewarned them about the possibility of a fire breaking out on the aircraft during that very flight. His warning was well founded, as the pilot had to make an emergency landing due to equipment malfunction. Interestingly enough, several parts used in the galley on Flight 318 came from the wreckage of Flight 401. In another case, a concerned passenger sought help from one of the crew members when the passenger noticed an unresponsive man in a pilot's uniform sitting in one of the seats. Screams were heard throughout the plane when several people saw the mysterious pilot slowly vanish into thin air.

     How did the spirit of a man keep up with a passenger plane traveling at hundreds of miles per hour? He did it simply by thinking about being on board that aircraft. Our perception of space and time while inside these physical three-dimensional bodies is severely limited or handicapped, if you will, perhaps to the point of totally malfunctioning when you really think about it. Ghost stories should not be dismissed as fantasy simply because they cannot be explained by the limited ability of our human body to decode anything outside of what we believe to be our five-sense reality. Only when we come to the realization that we are vast fields of conscious awareness temporarily animating a physical body to interact within the third dimension, while immersed in, resonating with, and interacting within a vast, limitless sea of frequencies, vibrations, and dimensions and with the intelligences within, will we have a clearer understanding of who we truly are. Only then will we clearly understand that we are all connected, and in essence, how we are all One.

     When Kelly was looking out of the window, she could have seen the ghost very easily, if the ghost had wanted to project its image onto the window of the moving station wagon. He could have done it simply by thinking about it – the same way that the spirit of Don Repo could be aboard an airplane traveling at hundreds of miles per hour projecting his image onto a shiny surface for the flight attendant to see.

     Here we had an in-tune, attractive little girl who was open to suggestion and actively looking for ghosts; we had an intelligent earth-bound, discarnate spirit with a soul mind actively looking for an opportunity to interact with someone; we had an electrical storm lending the spirit all of the energy that it needed to manifest a physical form or likeness that Kelly could identify with; and finally, the car was just about to pass by him, so things were just right for the haunting that was about to take place.

     And so, the spirit appeared. How could it have suddenly been closer to the car when it had been speeding away? It could have done it simply by thinking of being there. There is no space or time outside of the third dimension where these spirits find themselves after they have left the remains of the physical body. The spirit could have been in Germany, or deep under the ocean, or on the Moon for that matter, simply by thinking of it, and snap, it’d be there. That’s how fast a spirit can travel. They don’t have to get on a train, a plane, a boat, or a spaceship. What would an immaterial spirit need with a material conveyance? Wherever and whenever they will themselves to be, there they will be – instantly.

     We are all connected to a vast field that some scientists now call the Quantum Field. Whatever the name for it, it has always existed, and it is nothing new at all. I had discovered on my own, well before we had the advent of the world-wide web, that we were all connected to a vast, invisible web-like construct, and that everyone that we had ever made a connection with in our lifetime had a strand that was intricately connected to our web. When we think of someone, it’s like jingling that person's strand, like a spider senses a fly caught in its web. There are hundreds or even thousands of strands in its web, but even though the fly is caught on a very specific strand, the spider immediately knows which strand that the fly is attached to. It’s as simple as that. Some call it Quantum Entanglement or String Theory. Regardless of its title, or its explanation, we are all connected – in all ways, always.

     Let me give you an example that you can use to test this theory for your own benefit. Think about someone you haven’t thought of in a while, whether you visualize their face, or think about their mannerisms or personality, or reflect upon a particular circumstance in which you interacted with them. Whether you call them or they contact you, they will often tell you that ‘they were just thinking about you.’ You may think of it as a strange coincidence, but it is not. Of course, they were just thinking about you. Why? The reason is because you thought about them, and they had no choice but to think about you because you were jingling their strand of the web. It’s that simple. It happens that fast.

     While I was attending Sacred Heart University, I was writing about a case that I had just investigated in Vermont for my column, “Hauntings,” in The Spectrum Newspaper. I thought very specifically about the ghost of a woman there that I had made a very special empathic connection with. By simply thinking about her, I instantly attracted her consciousness right into my home in Connecticut. I instantly picked up the immense sadness that she felt due to her unquenchable desire to find the baby that she had lost in a tragic horse and carriage accident as she was being rushed to the midwife to give birth.

     Recall the case where the woman and her elderly mother were traveling in the snow storm and died tragically in much the same way, and recall how the mother went immediately home rather than completing her proper death passage. In this case, back in the 1700’s, since the moment of this pregnant woman’s death, her consciousness went immediately to the house she was intent on reaching to give birth, and she remained in and around the house searching for her baby in immense, overwhelming sadness. She could not find her baby, because that soul or consciousness never entered its body. The life experience the baby's soul had planned was not going to be possible, because its body was damaged beyond repair in the accident, or if it was attached to the body, it crossed over immediately and properly. Because I had thought of this woman who believed that I could help resolve her plight, she immediately projected upon me the urgent desire to return to Vermont and help her find peace.

     I called my mentor, Lorraine Warren with an urgent appeal that we return to Vermont as soon as we were able to. I was told that the family could not be contacted, because they fled the house due to the activity going on inside the house and on the property. After I accepted the explanation, I politely said goodbye and ended the telephone call. No less than one minute later, I called back, again suggesting and requesting an urgent return trip to Vermont. It was again explained to me that it was not possible to return, because we did not have permission to return, nor were we able to make contact with the owners to gain that permission. Of course, that made perfect sense, and again, I acknowledged it and ended the call. Only after I called back the third time, one minute later, did we both realize that I was being influenced by the spirit in that house in Vermont. Lorraine knew that I was a journalist, and she asked if I was writing about the case for my column. I admitted that I was.

     Do it yourself. Think of someone you haven’t spoken to, or someone that you miss. Visualize their face, and think about them. If you love them, feel the love that you have for them, and I mean ‘feel’ that love. Think about how you feel when you are with them, or what they mean to you. Love them like you are hugging them as tenderly as you ever have before. Unless they are incapable of contacting you, or unwilling to for some reason, they should contact you very quickly. They will absolutely think about you as you send them that love, there is no escaping that.

     Naturally, you have to respect their free will to choose to contact you in return, but rest assured, by your thinking of them, you have contacted them, and they are definitely picking up your thoughts subconsciously. At that time, their subconscious mind convinces the conscious mind that they should contact you back. Sometimes we act upon that impulse and take notice of the apparent coincidence, but it is nothing of the sort.

     Think for a moment how powerful that is. Think about how you can send someone love from a distance, any distance, no matter how great or how far – whether they are in a third-dimensional body or if they are in their true non-corporeal form or spirit. By consciously sending that person love, you are doing a wonderful thing. We are all infinite fields of awareness, consciousness, and love – it is our true nature. It is why we nurture a baby, or why we pet a dog, or rub the ears on a cat to bring them pleasure. It is why we help a stranger who is desperate, or intervene on someone’s behalf if their life is in danger. That is why energy healing is so wonderful, and why long-distance healing not only works, but is very powerful. Why? Because if you use your ‘free will’ to send someone your life force energy to heal an affliction, or a disease, or a broken heart, you are performing a miracle, and you are absolutely helping their body, mind, and spirit with your intention to heal them. In reality, there is no distance between us. Our energy fields are all entangled and intermingled.

     The very same can be said about sending someone negative energy, or hatred, or hurling curses toward someone. So, please always pay close attention to what you are thinking, because our thoughts are very powerful, and they do affect other people. We affect and interact with other people or beings simply by thinking about them. Sending loving energy heals the recipient. Sending negative energy harms its target. I use the term “target” here for good reason, because no one wants to be the willing recipient of negative energy.

     I can share something that happened to me recently along these same lines. I was in my car, turning out onto a busy road and did not see a car racing up in the lane that I was turning into. I heard the car’s wheels squealing and the horn blaring. I looked into my rear-view mirror to see a man screaming at me. He was bombarding me with all kinds of rage and hatred. I decided that I could become enraged myself and fire all kinds of negative energy right back at him, or I could do something completely different. So, I centered myself, surrounded myself with love, and spread that field out, so that it encapsulated both of our cars. Because I used my free will to deflect or transform the negative energy being directed at me, I transformed or dispelled it. The man simply stopped screaming and let the situation go.

     We all get angry. We all get upset, especially when driving. If we imagined the person cutting us off to be our sweet, old grandmother rather than some reckless man inconveniencing us or putting us in danger, our reaction would be much less intense, wouldn’t it? Whenever I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I quickly cease thinking them and transform them into positive thoughts.

     Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is over four hundred years old with a broad history of haunting phenomenon. This is where many specters have been seen for over sixty years, not just this man in dark clothing, but “The White Lady” who has been captured on film by Ed Warren, and many others. The mysterious specter nick-named “Red Eyes,” has also developed quite a reputation there because while in the cemetery, many investigators have often photographed a pair of red glowing orbs that looked like eyes. If there were a cemetery where haunting phenomena would manifest, this has been and would long be such a place.

     The reason Kelly saw the spirit and Linda did not is because Linda wasn’t open or sensitive at the time that Kelly was open and actively searching for ghosts. Linda planted the idea in Kelly’s mind which is where all hauntings start. Spirits project themselves directly into the pineal gland, aptly called the ‘mind’s-eye’ or ‘third-eye,’ while bypassing the physical eyes. The pineal gland is photosensitive and responsible for ‘psychic sight.’ Just as our eyes receive information about our third dimensional world, the pineal gland receives information from other vibrations or frequencies outside of the third dimension. As I have said earlier, we are all multi-dimensional beings existing on many dimensions and interacting with a much wider range of frequencies and vibrations than are registered by our limited five senses.

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