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This unique novel weaves together the action/sci-fi genre with deep and profound metaphysical overtones. It brings to public awareness, for the first time in this format, the age-old understanding and shocking revelation that a malevolent interdimensional race of Reptilians, operating just beyond the range of normal human perception, have locked humanity into a false holographic matrix of fear, chaos and control, from which few in their entire lifetimes ever escape without help from higher forces.

It brings to light, the millennia-long inter-galactic war raging between two immensely powerful and diametrically-opposed factions: 

The Reptilians and their extraterrestrial allies who seek to divide, conquer and dominate the earth and its human resources. Through the use of technology and deception, they manipulate humanity to keep us asleep, enslaved and ignorant of our unique divine heritage and potential – and most of all to keep us firmly and permanently enslaved within the system of control they had erected when they first arrived – hundreds of thousands of years ago, and; 

The Galactic Confederation –a collective of highly-evolved and enlightened extraterrestrial races, who have assisted humanity’s evolution for millennia. They have returned to earth with the peaceful intention of preparing us for the massive, imminent influx of Creator’s light sent from the Galactic Core that will soon liberate us and all life on the planet – once and for all. They also came to find the select few human beings – Renegades of Light – who would be most capable of assisting us in our campaign to neutralize our dark adversaries by taking the fight to the place where those negative denizens felt they would be the utterly invincible. 

This unstoppable galactic super wave, known widely as The Ascension or The Event, will usher in a new paradigm of love, peace, joy, abundance, compassion and cooperation the likes of which the Earth and its inhabitants have never seen. It will finally allow us to awaken collectively and achieve a permanent connection with our highest selves – with our Creator – and at long last, to achieve full conscious physical communication and personal interaction with our galactic brothers and sisters who have yearned for this auspicious occasion for eons and with great enthusiasm. 

Though the novel reveals many ancient and mysterious hidden truths, the primary message it conveys is the understanding that we have never been alone in the universe. In fact, it has always been guided by a group of benevolent races whose sole purpose has been to help free us from the Reptilian-infused ego and base emotions and instincts brought about through their own genetic tampering throughout our existence. Ultimately, the Galactic Federation’s mission is to fulfill our destiny by helping us regain our sovereignty, as a species, in preparation for the divine, consciousness-expanding energy about to envelop the earth which will change us as whole – in the blink of an astonished eye. 

Renegade of Light is relatable and experiential as one man is guided to set aside his ego by accepting the shocking revelations behind the true history of the world and the solar system as a whole and accepting his role in the galactic drama. Thus, this story is about the human family and its destiny and our collective liberation from malevolent invaders who had come to our world, in a time, long faded from memory. 

This novel resonates with the largest and fastest growing market in the world. We are all on the cusp of great change. It is palpable. This is the most monumental time to be alive in the history of our world.


The great, scintillating spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy churned slowly in the vast, cold reaches of space. Each brilliant speck of light within was itself one of an incalculable number of life-sustaining Stars which fed and nourished the innumerable worlds orbiting around them, which in turn, were host to bountiful, sentient life forms. 

Hidden deep within the jagged stone faces of the Swiss Alps, in an impenetrable fortress far below the prying eyes or scrutiny of the surface population, two Reptilian officers passed through a series of dimly-lit corridors like a whispering breeze. Weaving their way through the labyrinthine base, they turned down a long, descending dead-end corridor and passed effortlessly through a holographic wall, which to any of their human slaves, would appear completely solid and impassable. 

Once through, they stepped into the damp stony embrace of a base far more ancient and more akin to the Reptilian’s native habitat than the human base built upon its foundations. They stopped suddenly before a great black void in the mountain. Within seconds, a bright, pulsating orange sphere made of pure plasma slipped through and approached them. Without the slightest bit of trepidation, the officers stepped through the outermost boundary of the sphere. The forces responsible for its creation saw to it that the occupants were phase shifted directly in the center. The autonomic inertial dampening field system secured the passengers and allowed them to interact as they normally would, even though the sphere whisked into the void faster than the blink of an eye and moved at a rate well beyond the speed of light. 

Within seconds, the pair was transported thousands of miles into the Appalachian Mountains in the Continental United States of America, and directly into the massive control room and the monitoring station within, where one of the most ruthless winged white Draco Overlords monitored its Human Resources both in the base and on the surface world with incalculable precision. 

Lord Lahniffpsi traced his crooked, pale forefinger along the uppermost edge of the metal chair facing the pulsating crystalline monitor panel that consumed the entire wall. The impossibly-sharp hooked claw carved a deep, even gash across the chair’s length.

The human slave seated in the chair shuddered violently at both the sound and the soul-shattering reverberations cascading throughout his upper back. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his nose and past his rapidly expanding and contracting nostrils until it slowly collected and pooled at the outermost edge of his mouth. The perspiration sat there for what seemed to be an eternity until it slowly seeped into the crease of his mouth. The sweet, salty taste reminded him of the one terrible truth he had learned, quite by accident, that would haunt him throughout eternity. 

Worse than feeling the cold, calculating, dominating presence lurking behind him, was the knowledge and understanding that the extraterrestrial, interdimensional being was absorbing, or more accurately, consuming the fear energy that he was casting off – for it was now, as it had been for millennia, the most sought-after and satisfying, life-sustaining ambrosia. 

As if that was not enough to cause the average man’s heart to fail, he then caught its hideous reflection in the immense black glass monitor. 

Its overly-large milky-white, muscled cranium supported two even rows of small, dreadful horns which originated from just past the tiny black slits which functioned as nostrils on the edges of its snout, and grew in length and breadth as they wound their way up and over its forehead. There, six great hooked horrors arced back at such angles that they appeared as if they were cutting into the very ether around him.

Lahniffpsi sensed his human slave’s pathetic, beady little eyes regarding him, so he sneered, exposing his wickedly-sharp, serrated fangs which protruded along the entire length of his scaled and tightly-pursed maw. 

“Focus your attention on your task at hand, wretch!” 

The human slave could feel the impossibly-sharp claw mere centimeters from his throbbing jugular and the rest of his frail, exposed neck which was host to, by now healed, at least a dozen once-terrible gashes inflicted by that very mortal instrument each time he had failed his task master. Though the wounds themselves had scarred over one after the other, the traumatic encounters would never truly heal.

 The mere presence of the beastly otherworldly thing behind him nearly completely paralyzed him with fear.